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We believe that training is key for all of our business partners

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Training and Certificates

Our StreamKey training philosophy is simple. We strive to educate wholesalers with a better understanding of what they are selling, contractors a better understanding of what they are installing, and engineers a better understanding of what they are designing.

Below are a few examples of what we can provide at our training facility:

  • Fully active backup pump systems ​
  • Working Grinder Pumps Systems
  • Duplex Pump System ​
  • Water Booster Pump System
  • Point of Use Water Heaters ​
  • Cutaway models of grease/ oil interceptors
  • Commercial Plumbing Fixtures ​
  • Working water cooler and bottle filler
  • Prefabricated Grinder System ​
  • Working Drip Distribution System
  • Climate controlled environment ​
  • CEU’s available

Request Training:

    I would like to schedule a training for my company at your facilityI would like to be notified of the next training session at your facilityI would like to set a time for training at our office

    Streamkey Employees Working Photo

    Our Distributors

    We educate our distributor’s staff on the latest products offered by our manufacturers. We believe a partnership with our wholesalers is essential to properly support and service the contractors and end-users. Training occurs in our training facility, offsite at our wholesalers’ location, or in the field at job site locations.

    Our Contractors

    We go into great technical detail on our products and systems to train the installing contractors and service technicians not only on the proper installation but also the troubleshooting aspects as well. We have trained in the classroom setting as well as in the field or a combination of both.

    Our Engineers/ Designers

    At StreamKey, we offer a variety of tools to the engineering community from product sizing, AutoCAD drawings, and field visits to name a few. We often offer “lunch and learns” onsite for a better program. We believe in a very technical yet practical approach in these sessions. We keep up to date on the applicable code to ensure that our products and systems are compliant.

    Our Regulators/ Inspectors

    We feel it is critical that this group fully understands the products and systems we are providing to the contractors. While the systems must pass code, we intend to exceed these minimum standards. We believe in a very hands on training approach followed up by a review of our startup reports and installation checklists, which we provide for our projects.

    StreamKey is certified by the Ohio Board of Sanitarians and the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board allowing us to offer CEU’s for Sanitarians and Contractors. As licensed engineers, our training sessions also allow Professional Engineers to obtain CEU’s by attending our sessions. Through our various training sessions, we have also been able to obtain CEU’s for Plant Operators, Service Providers, and OOWA Qualified Contractors. Please check with our office if we can help with your continuing education requirements as well.