Field Support - StreamKey
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Field Support

At StreamKey, we are staffed with professional engineers and licensed contractors who provide a wide variety of support in the field for our systems and products. Here are just a few:

System Startup

This is generally performed for every lift station, septic system, booster pump system, commercial water heater and large tempering mixing valve, which we have furnished for a residential or commercial project. We first start with our own installation checklists to ensure that the system meets our requirements as well as those of our manufacturers. Any deficiencies are pointed out for correction. We also provide a system startup to make certain that the base line operation is working in accordance with the design and intent. While performing these startup services, this also allows for training to the contractor, inspector, engineer, or end-user. All reports are kept internally with the job files and copies are sent to the appropriate parties.

System Maintenance

This generally applies to the septic systems StreamKey provides. The initial time frame of the operation and monitoring service is generally included in the price of the material. Depending on the type of system, inspections are conducted for 1 or 2 years following the successful startup of the system. During these inspections, system checklists are followed as well as an overall inspection of the critical components of the system. This work is performed by StreamKey personnel or qualified service providers. The appropriate parties will be notified of any performance issues with the systems. After the initial service agreement time frame has ended, the owner or end user is notified in writing of options for extending the service agreements with StreamKey or one of our Service Providers.

Project Management

We provide very in-depth support for any project involving our products or systems. For products, we monitor the manufacturer’s lead times, advise on ship dates, and coordinate deliveries to name a few. We also will make jobsite visits for training or general troubleshooting. We basically want to be an extension of our contractors’ field operations assisting in any way to make the project run smoothly.

When we sell a lift station, booster pump system, commercial water heater or septic system, our project management team stays in close contact with the contractor and engineer. More extensive onsite training and supervision may be necessary, especially commercial projects. Depending on the skill and experience of the contractor, our time at the job site may be very extensive from start to finish or limited to an as-need basis. In the end, our goal is the same as all parties involved – a flawlessly running system with zero call backs for the contractor and optimum operation for the end-user.

Repair and Retrofit Applications

Based on our many years of knowledge in the plumbing and wastewater industries, we often make site visits with our contractors, engineers, and end-users to review options for updating or replacing existing systems. The process involves assessing the current operation, researching past usage, and determining the best and most practical means of bringing the faulty system to compliance. We draw upon our own technical staff as well as those from our manufacturers to come up with the most cost effective and long-term solution. We don’t want to recommend a “band aid” fix to the problem as we feel it is in the best interest of all to correct the defect for a sustainable time period. Often though, the fix may be a very inexpensive part, a changing of control settings, or even a change in the usage by the owner. As with our other services, we perform a checklist to determine all the requirements necessary. After we have compiled these, options are presented to the customer based on their budget. Again, we feel it is in the best interest of all parties involved to finalize a long-term solution to the problem. Feel free to contact us at if you would like a referral list of contractors, engineers, or end-users with whom we have worked in the past.